Hollywood, CA

Went to see Godzilla with some friends, first time catching a movie at that theater! 

Side Effects of camping include waking up early for a week

from outside my house 

I’m still alive! works been crazy and with the holidays I just spent my Thanksgiving with a game of touch football, lunch with friends AND sneaking away to catch up on comics!

Happy Holidays! and How’d you cool kids spend it?

Why not just say goodbye to the bad things?
- Lily Aldrin (HIMYM Season 9 Ep 3)

The last season of HIMYM has so much heart with cliffhangers at the right moments!

Can’t wait for the next episode! 

I Am Flippish by Leslie Ryan

The newest addition to my growing collection of Children’s Book. I am Flippish by Leslie Ryan explores/explains Race and Heredity to kids in a educational way because lets face it, the world is getting slower and Interracial (Interculture?) Marriage is happening and sometimes those kids don’t know how to identify themselves. 

I got a chance to talk with the writer and her reason for writing the book came when a survey asked her child to identify which race he was and the person on the other line would not let him pick two.

  • Me: you know I like Country right?
  • J: lol
  • serious?
  • bwahahahahaha
  • no i didnt know that
  • sorreh




  • J: Do not disturb me durin' me spiced rum break. I gunna cut ye.
  • Me: OH! Come at me ye fiend!
  • oh wait wrong genre
  • I mean
  • ehem
  • Me: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar, draw your swords you wench!

Me: I’m playing group hug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aggro/Combo Players: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!

Control Player: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

San Pedro, CA

First time out here! Lack of updates due to the craziness which is life but will try to upload more in the next few days.

Oh and who’s ready for some fooooooooooooooooooooooooo ballllllllllll???? :D 

a quick screenshot of the last video, it took me about 51 images to make that video :D 

Got this made at the Festival of Pilipino Arts and Culture Today! Its by an artist named Kristian Kabuay (you should check out his stuff!)

The words I asked him to write are “Sipag” and “Tiyaga” which means Hard Work and Dedication. 

Here’s a timelapse of him working on it 

While putting my stuff away I saw Scrabble and though I could prob use it for a project for the non-profit I volunteer with. Here’s some words I thought best describes what we do. 

Maybe I should just leave my scrabble board out, pick a random word and just play it. 

been wanting to try altering MTG cards and since my group decided to do Pauper EDH, I figured its a good time to try.

I was watching this guys tutorial!

What cha think? 

What me and some cool kids did last Saturday!

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